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Will AI Kill Creativity?

Artificial intelligence is becoming more prevalent in many areas of life and will only intensify in the near future. While there is mostly a consensus from a scientific, technological point of view that these changes have an overall positive, fertile effect on human well-being, the perception of AI in the arts is mixed.

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Gaia-X landed in Hungary

Gaia-X and SZTAKI solemnly announced the establishment of the Gaia-X National Hub in Hungary. E-Group represented the industry players at the ceremony.

Quantum fears and quantum presumptions

The encryption procedures currently in place become easily cracked with the advent of high-performance quantum computers, which most experts say will happen in no more than 10 years, or even much earlier.

New research success for E-Group

E-Groups Research Developer, Veronika Vraukó presents a drug repositioning workflow at the conference for doctor students and young researchers.

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