Data IS


The universe is DATA. Our excellence in data from deep tech technologies to visualization will empower you to reach your business goals.​

Our advanced data-ecosystem enables organizations to transform and leverage both horizontally and vertically scaled, extendable, structured, or unstructured data from a wide variety of data sources. ​

We provide a deeper understanding of your business with complex analysis and BI reports. Our data-science-driven complex prediction technology platform will support your future decisions and success.​
Whole-cell models, or computational models that account for the integrated function of every gene and molecule in a cell, have been described as “the ultimate goal” of systems biology, and “a grand challenge for the 21st century”. The cell simulations captured a wide range of cellular activities, and suggested future experiments that were validated experimentally.
The Federated AI Learning Platform (FedX) utilizes a technique which trains machine learning algorithms across multiple decentralized servers without sharing their data. By using the FedX, you get a secure and fast access to the data, while preserving privacy and gaining useful insights.
Federated cloud-edge AI continuum based on privacy preserving and federated computing elements.

In other words: AI/Knowledge processing layer over the cloud-edge infrastructure capabilities.
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