IT Security Policy

A very important element of the successful business operation and activity of E-GROUP ICT SOFTWARE Zrt. is the information, its availability, integrity and confidentiality.

We operate an information protection system, which is based on the ISO/IEC 27001:2014 standard, thus the confidentiality of business information, the continuous availability of the IT infrastructure and databases supporting the operation, the provision of data compliance, the confidentiality of the data of business partners and the personal data of our employees, the fulfillment of all legal and customer requirements are realized.

It is from our commitment that:

We base our data and information protection measures on a risk assessment,

  • we develop and operate solutions proportionate to the risks, we consider the human factor to be decisive from the point of view of safety, therefore we make sure that all our employees and subcontractor partners know the risks associated with their activities and their role and that they perform this properly,
  • we have established and operated a strict access system in our IT system, we take care of protection against external intrusion and viruses,
  • we constantly monitor the operation, effectiveness and incidents of our information protection system and use this information to set development goals,
  • we regulated the activities and processes that ensure the maintenance and development of information security,
  • in a Risk Management Plan, measures related to the development of the information protection system are determined annually.

The management of the Company makes its decisions in accordance with the above and expects all employees to support the goals set.

Budapest, 07.02.2022

Antal Kuthy

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