EnergyTech is for the future on a living planet. With our knowledge in artificial intelligence, our excellence in deep tech data and experience in data security we work on innovative solutions for cost-efficient and sustainable energy consumption in partnership with the energy industry, including mission critical energy system managing organizations.

Our advanced data-ecosystem enables organizations to transform and leverage both horizontally and vertically scaled, extendable, structured, or unstructured data from a wide variety of data sources. ​

We provide a deeper understanding of your business with complex analysis and BI reports. Our data-science-driven complex prediction technology platform will support your future decisions and success.​
The focus of the online society has shifted towards proven digital identity. It is not only critical for supporting anti-money laundering, it also improves customer experience and spares companies time and money.

Our digital identity product family is not only responsible for gathering ID-related data, but can support the completion of various online applications by data capturing, e-signatures or ID federation services.
Contactless communication and process optimization are key challenges for every business. Our Remote Digital Customer Service solution, based on our own infrastructure is a scalable platform available from several devices with an innovative video communication device offering a wide range of functional modules for countless opportunities.
Our platform is an easy & free-to-join marketplace for data sharing and monetization. The reliable platform provides secure, validated and consented data transport.

As independent pioneers we are building a standalone data-marketplace, committed to facilitating a legally compliant ecosystem for transparent data-trading.
For E-Group, innovation has always meant fruitful collaboration with our inspiring customers and partners. By co-innovating with us, you will have access to our outstanding technology subject matter experts, deep-tech engineers, and practical insight in our key sectors.

E-Group has been offering three unique co-innovation approaches to support new solutions for competitive advantage and accelerated business growth. ​ ​
In this ever accelerating digital world, it is essential for any organization to work with a trusted partner in innovation who ensures dynamic and reliable software development for addressing real-life business needs. ​

​ We create software tailor-made to your organization’s specific needs maximizing efficiency and productivity while our co-innovation capacity boosts each step of the process from development to deployment. ​
The Federated AI Learning Platform (FedX) utilizes a technique which trains machine learning algorithms across multiple decentralized servers without sharing their data. By using the FedX, you get a secure and fast access to the data, while preserving privacy and gaining useful insights.
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