Communication Agent

Products and solutions which improve business performance and contactless communication are the need of the hour, especially nowadays.

Our remote digital customer service solution for real-time video, voice or chat communications presents a wide range of modules for countless opportunities.

Whether it’s used for engaging customers, gathering data before an appointment, giving instructions for seamless communication, collaborating across departments and locations, or managing suppliers, the technology is efficient, cost-effective and scalable.

Xchange IS Cooperation
Xchange IS Dialogue
Xchange IS Transaction
Xchange IS Communication
Xchange IS Integrity

User-friendly user interface
  • Account creation assistant
  • Chat, video, file sharing, emoji
  • Smart contact list with address book synchronization 
  • Call history
  • Remote provisioning from a QR Code or a URL
  • Remote device control (camera, flash, zoom, screen share) options
  • Alerts, push notifications
  • Native application both for Android and iOS
Enhanced video and voice quality
  • Contemporary adaptive jitter buffer algorithm
  • Innovative adaptive bitrate control
  • HD voice (Opus support) and echo cancellation
  • Call quality indicator and display of advanced call statistics
Advanced chat experience
  • Natural language processing (NLP, NLU) – Machine Learning (ML) supported speech-to text and text-to-speech conversation engine (multiple languages are included, e.g. English, Hungarian)
  • Smart dialogue manager
  • Secure image and file sharing option
  • Easy-to-use message status (IMDN) and notifications
  • One-to-one and multi-participant conversations
  • Multi-device support
  • Real-time and predictive analysis
Enriched call center features
  • Audio conference calls
  • Call transfer and multi-call management (pause and resume)
  • Call markers, recordings and replay
  • Call-scheduling, both virtual operator (chatbot only) or hybrid (chatbot – human operator) model supported
  • HD video calls with video preview (e.g.: H.264, H.265, VP8 codecs)
  • VRS, VRI and independent PSTN communication
  • Supervisor, Operator modes
Enhanced security and integration
  • SIP TLS with state-of-the-art cypher algorithms
  • Audio and video encryption
  • SIPTLS encryption and group messaging
  • SSO or AD integration options
  • Custom UI to train the ML Model and integration possibility with backend solutions
  • Secure on-prem and cloud agnostic deployment possibilities
  • GDPR compliant and certified
  • Applied industry protocols & security standards
Reporting and analytics
  • Monitoring tools
  • Automated & ad hoc analytics and reports
  • Usage statistics and logs
  • Traffic data via Power BI
  • Working hours management, Shift scheduling

Application Areas

  • Managing monotonous and complex customer service tasks and transactions
  • Sensitive document sharing and reviewing
  • VIP client calls
  • Product and service recommendation
  • Customer support, feedback surveys
  • Booking appointments for services or call-backs
  • Operation automation and automatic queries 
  • Completion and evaluation of questionnaires based on algorithms
  • Easy integrate and configure with corporate network of the partner or institute
  • Dedicated customer care team option
  • Partner tier configuration
  • Online coaching/tutoring
  • Administration automation
  • Real-time medical consultancy
  • Scheduled call initiation and hand-over to assistance
  • Communication aid for the disabled community
  • Post-care notifications & calls
  • NLP-driven patient monitoring
  • Health report sharing and reviewing
  • Clinical trial research support
  • Case Report Form (CRF) automation
  • 1-on-1 Customer calls for Private or Premium clients
  • Voice activated financial reports and online transaction
  • Online claim registry
  • Investment consultation

Case Studies

Let’s Communicate Equally

With our secure and reliable video interpreting service called KONTAKT (built on MOBIX technology), you can grant equal access and communication for your staff or customer using sign language. E-Group’s solution can connect the deaf and hard of hearing people with an interpreter through a video call.

We are proud to work with some of the leading organizations in Hungary as the Hungarian National Bank (MNB), the Gambling Service Provider of Hungary (Szerencsejáték Zrt), the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community of Hungary (SINOSZ), or a sports retailer (Decathlon S.A.), etc., to drive a step-change in communicating and connecting with the deaf and hard of hearing community.

Remote Eye

E-Group’s solution called Távszem (built on MOBIX technology), connects the visually impaired people with volunteers to help them through a video stream to perform seemingly simple everyday tasks, such as distinguishing between bottles in a shop or helping to catch the right train. The remote platform is free to use and operators are eager to provide immediate help. Our solution won the international award of social Innovation, SozialMarie in 2020.

Telemedicine for ER

Identifying and classifying important symptoms in time could be a matter of life and death, for instance in the case of a stroke. The portable telemedicine tool for remote stroke diagnosis teleports stroke specialist virtually to the ER.

The specialist connects directly to a suitable medical professional, e.g. ambulance crew through our secure remote communication platform (MOBIX), and work together to provide the best care and the appropriate quality decision for the patient.

Transaction Assistant

Our solution is designed to help service organizations, e.g. banks, enhance and partially replace human operator or menu-driven client interactions in customer service with an intelligent AI-powered natural language conversation engine (XANTA).

The advanced NLP methodology enables automated queries, data reconciliation, alerting, or financial transactions for companies and it allows them to significantly reduce operational costs while maintaining strong and personalized customer contact.

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