Passion for Innovation

Co-innovation is to jointly unlock the potential of human inventiveness and creativity for a brighter future. We are always eager to take on new co-innovation projects as our previous co-operations resulted in a number of quality solutions.

Product or Service for Acquisition

We offer a product or service for acquisition tailored to our customer’s needs. To implement real-life use cases, we rely on the domain knowledge and on the test data of our customer. The project initiation can begin after predefining the exit price, acceptance criteria, scope, and KPIs jointly.

E-Group brings the technology excellence, experience, access to the right research-pipeline and infrastructure for development in the DATA, TRUST and XCHANGE product areas.

As an integral part of the Hungarian international academic scene, E-Group has an established scientific network. When collaborating with us, you gain access to qualified data scientists, clinicians, statisticians, mathematicians, and economists as well as industry research labs and top universities.

Bespoke Machine Learning Algorithm and Models

E-Group discovers the bespoke Machine Learning (ML) algorithms and models that match your specific requirements and enable your company to focus on its strengths.

We utilize our infrastructure and leverage our AI expertise to understand your challenge. After refining and improving the data, we build and train the deep learning model, which we can later integrate into your legacy or state-off-art systems.

Lab-To-Market Cooperation

E-Group is your best champion in Lab-To-Market (L2M) initiatives funded by the EU Innovation ecosystem. As the launch customer, you bring your challenge, and we assemble the right group of partners selected from market leaders based on our industry experience to solve it.

We open access to our valuable network of partners, professors, academic talent pools, and labs. Together, we find the right source of funding. E-Group will harmonize the work of the consortium and will be responsible for the overall development of the product or solution.

We are in close relations with several highly-acclaimed institutes and universities.

  • Drug repositioning solution
  • Improved sales efficiency with AI
  • Reduced cost of production line maintenance
  • Disruptive solutions for long-standing problems
  • New approach for managing and e-educating digital media content
  • Service optimization and tracking solutions
  • Support for the disabled, hearing or visually impaired workforce
  • New payment initiation or authorization solutions
  • Logistic optimization and planning
  • IoT or time series data-driven decision support solution

Application Areas

Case Studies

News & Blog InnoHealth DataLake

GDPR-proof clinical research system

The main aim of the InnoHealth Datalake project is to develop and implement the concept of a novel complex IT system capable of collecting, storing and analyzing all types of health data (which are generated in healthcare activities and services at the University of Pécs, together with all relevant external data). It also serves as a prototype for domestic and regional healthcare systems.

The Datalake’s principal capabilities were identified according to current and future needs of healthcare including data collection (independent of size, type and source of data), data storage and data analyses by state-of-the-art analytical methods and tools supporting healthcare services and R&D&I activities.