Xchange IS


Information XCHANGE is connection. Productive communication is crucial for human coexistence. We facilitate this with our banking and conversational solutions.

We know there is no one-size-fits-all in corporate business, so we created a product that supports reliability, efficiency, and flexibility both on the corporate banking user’s and the banking business’s side.

CORPEX is a corporate digital banking front-end solution implemented in six countries ensuring compatibility with local regulations and legal frameworks of these countries.
Contactless communication and process optimization are key challenges for every business. Our Remote Digital Customer Service solution, based on our own infrastructure is a scalable platform available from several devices with an innovative video communication device offering a wide range of functional modules for countless opportunities.
To facilitate smooth real-time card transactions between banks and merchants, payment gateways must operate in highly regulated environments ensuring maximum security and reliability. ​

We understand how to deliver a tangible payment network in such environments. With our scalable infrastructure, we can serve more than 400k transactions daily in peak time.
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