Payment Gateway Solution

Our solution facilitates quick payment support of card payments between card issuer networks and banks. The payment gateway communicates with the card acceptor and the card issuer every time a charge request is made.

We created a highly reliable software solution to connect ISO 8583 variants and enable card payment processing for physically or virtually presented cards.

The product supports transactions such as authorization, purchase, refund, pre-authorization, cash withdrawal, balance inquiry and reversal.

  • Card POS or ATM acceptance protocol support 
  • Webshop card payment integration 
  • Communication with secure payment message protocols 
  • Internal card transaction integration 

Application Areas

Case Studies

About Us Union Pay

UnionPay in Hungary

We have a successful and prosperous partnership with Union Pay and OTP Bank since 2011. Our payment gateway is part of a worldwide card processing solution between one of the largest card issuers and the largest bank in Hungary.

The gateway does the mapping (protocol conversion) between the acquirer side interface and the UnionPay online message interface, removing the need for customization of the acquirer side interface, thus saving cost and shortening the go-live time.

To ensure pin code safety, we have integrated Thales, a third-party payment security solution into our service.The service also includes connectivity from the gateway to UnionPay, supporting the implementation and certification phase as well as the production operations according to the service SLA (7/24 support, 99,99% reliability of the system).

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