Trust IS


TRUST is vital to every business. We offer a wide range of identity & digital trust platforms and a unique data sharing and governance ecosystem.

Our platform is an easy & free-to-join marketplace for data sharing and monetization. The reliable platform provides secure, validated and consented data transport.

As independent pioneers we are building a standalone data-marketplace, committed to facilitating a legally compliant ecosystem for transparent data-trading.
The focus of the online society has shifted towards proven digital identity. It is not only critical for supporting anti-money laundering, it also improves customer experience and spares companies time and money.

Our digital identity product family is not only responsible for gathering ID-related data, but can support the completion of various online applications by data capturing, e-signatures or ID federation services.
Electronic voting is an ideal solution in countries, companies that want to prevent identity fraud, falsified voting and disenfranchisement of voter due to poor infrastructure or illiteracy, or to make the election process faster, cheaper and more transparent.

With a flexible workflow engine and high security standards, we provide the best solution for your needs.
Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is a continuous or non-continuous monitoring process that allows a healthcare professional to remotely interpret the data necessary for a patient's medical follow-up and, if necessary, make decisions about the patient's health status.
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