Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is a continuous or non-continuous monitoring process that allows a healthcare professional to remotely interpret the data necessary for a patient's medical follow-up and, if necessary, make decisions about the patient's health status.

Widely used Telemonitoring has the potential to transform patient care, improving patients' experiences related to care. It enables healthcare providers to manage human resources effectively and relieve pressure on health care systems.


We paid special attention to addressing the issues arising from data security, data accuracy, access to real-time data, integration with healthcare systems, and device costs that hinder widespread adoption in designing the E-Group RPM technology environment.

Data security/accuracy
For secure data transmission via the RPM solution, to ensure data security , the E-Group platform
  • provides GDPR-compliant data management,  
  • assists in a transparent manner in the provision and management of data holder declarations of consent,  
  • implements state of the art security protocols, 
  • implements the protection/transparency of patient data from the data acquisition sensor to the hospital information system (HIS) in a closed/controlled system,  
  • it provides an effective solution for integrating third-party sensor data collection solutions with services that guarantee patient security and privacy. 
In addition to data security, data accuracy is the most complex challenge when applying RPM systems. The E-Group solution provides metadata about data so that doctors can know exactly the type of sensors used and the reliability of the margins of error.
Real-time data transmission
Reliably transmitting data in near real time is critical to RPM’s operation. The E-Group platform is built from a highly available software environment and redundant hardware environment, which is able to deliver sensor data with high availability in near real time to the central database serving doctors.

The E-Group RPM platform can be effectively integrated with various hospital information systems and patient documentation systems, so that outpatient findings based on telemonitoring can be placed in the patient documentation at the discretion of the treating physician (HL7). Integration should be implemented with extreme caution to avoid violating existing patient records and ensure that future system migrations do not interfere with the RPM platform. 

Cost effectiveness
To ensure the cost-effectiveness of sensor data collection, the E-Group platform ensures the use of sensors from different manufacturers and the rapid integration of new devices when new manufacturers appear. Device cost thus not subject to the pricing of a single manufacturer.
Medical monitoring dashboards
Effective overview and evaluation of the collected data is organized based on diseases, therapies and patient data, in groups and on dashboards focused on the individual data of individual patients. We generate alerts for any critical values that may appear.
Flexible platform
Our flexible platform and implementation methodology allow our customers to easily launch their custom RPM/Telemonitoring systems
  • Assessment of requirements to bring it into line with relevant laws and regulations 
  • Selection of data acquisition devices and smart sensors that meet your needs 
  • Implementation of impressive identification methods (e-ID, biometric, multi-biometric, facial recognition, vividness detection) 
  • Scalable architecture for time-critical processes to support exceptionally high data traffic 
  • Integration and harmonisation with existing systems 
  • Customer-centric quality control and project management 
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