Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is more than just a tool for making your data look pretty. With our proven capabilities and practical know-how in data engineering and data science, we design and build a solution that will power up your organization.

Get a new perspective on the current status of your business with dashboards, multi-dimensional analysis, ad hoc querying, and advanced reporting. We help discover the hidden value of your data by identifying patterns and finding anomalies with effective data integration, data mining, data discovery, and data modeling. E-Group provides you with the necessary tools and robust models to make your data come alive. You will be well-equipped to uncover trends and inconsistencies and make the most adequate strategic business decisions when time is of the essence.
Executive Reporting

Real-time management information dashboards contain aggregated data from various departments of the company, tracking key performance indicators presented in an understandable way to help you make informed decisions.

Operational Performance

Improve your operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness by filtering and analyzing your centralized data to get real-time information, streamline your business processes and receive triggers on exactly where you need to intervene.

Our Approach
Business Intelligence Our Approach

Application Areas

  • Support decision making with metrics and KPIs from your departments, services, sales, and products
  • Get a bird’s eye view of your organizational performance
  • Trend analysis with forecasting
  • Visualize data for discovering anomalies and outliers
  • Monitor business processes and identify bottlenecks
  • Optimize product distribution and predict demands
  • Unify digital marketing reports
  • Improve the sales reporting process
  • Combine market prices, company quarterly earning data and events to predict company performance and market trends
We offer
  • Consulting and discovering business process related data
  • Designing an industry-specific data model
  • Preparing data for reporting
  • Unified visualization of centralized data

Case Studies

Health data integration for a critical infrastructure company

To support the decision-making process, we have integrated day-to-day updated heterogenic data sources from all local hospitals and manually updated files, designed an appropriate data model and developed near real-time dashboards in the COVID-19 crisis.

Additional analytics dashboard for neuro-intensive (ICM+) bed-side monitoring system

Digital support assistance for prevention and treatment of brain injuries. Data sets derived from the device provide the fundamental basis for decision-making algorithms, which could be involved at all levels of the healthcare system from screening procedures to acute clinical treatment and rehabilitation processes in application areas such as stroke, non-invasive brain-monitoring, acute brain injury, clinical research etc.

Trade database trend analysis reports

From data published on the official homepage of National Health Insurance Fund of Hungary (NEAK) on Hungarian medicine (drug) trade, a month-to-month trend analysis dashboard was built for finding correlations to provide valuable information for the health and economic sector.

Management dashboard for potential contamination

We have created a contact analytics platform to indicate the potential contamination of the workforce based on data from IoT devices. The platform relies on GABRIEL, E-Group’s physical-token-based contact tracing solution, and it provides clarity on the current status of workforce trends and potential contamination to facilitate planning ahead and help intervene in time.

Real-world data analysis

The use of real-world data (RWD) is becoming increasingly important in generating real-world evidence for market access and reimbursement decisions. We built oncology patient dashboards and created detailed reporting to demonstrate the costs and effectiveness of treatment alternatives of therapies by establishing a health-economic model.

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