Digital Identity Platform

Our digital identity product family provides a wide range of digital onboarding, authentication, identity management, e-signature creation & verification and ID federation services. ​

We comply with relevant data regulations and directives (eIDAS, PSD2, CBH, GDPR consent etc.) while S-AML protocol and advanced encryption ensures maximum security of the data transfer process.

Pillars of the product family

  • IDX Group
    • Identity service integration module: e-ID card, biometric data
    • Data source integration module: central data source
    • ID federation services for Single-Sign-On
  • Advanced e-Signature creation & verification module (SDX) including post quantum security algorithm
  • Electronic registered delivery for e-documents
  • Embedded workflow engine enables flexible orchestration of various product service components to support various customer specific business logic (IOX, SPG)

Modularity and flexibility were the primary design principles of the 12-factor cloud native solution E-Group has created. With the application of industry standards to integrate, existing identity and attribute databases, legacy identity and access management (IAM) systems as well as web and other applications make our product easy to implement and ready-to-use and compliant with eIDAS and GSMA directives.

Trust IS Business
Business IS Trust
Data IS Fragile
Privacy IS Freedom
Digital Identity IS Crutial
Biometry IS Sensitive

  • Customer acquisition 
  • Account or user onboarding 
  • Loan or credit limit application and origination 
  • Less manual work with data capturing during contracting 
  • Fully online contracts with verified data 
  • Digital contracts with a verified user using and storing only necessary sets of data 
  • KYC/AML verification with guaranteed data quality 
  • Fraud prevention 
  • Age verification for high-risk transactions or age-restricted products 
  • Strong customer authentication and verification 
  • PKI design and implementation, expertise in CA solution
  • Highly sensitive data transmission
  • Mission critical security for special application
  • SSO service for web-based services, enterprise infrastructure and applications, cloud services and mobile apps 
  • Official and registered delivery for secure or high-importance e-documents 
  • Health records for better service or insurance conditions  
  • Driver authentication for car-sharing services 

Application areas

Case Studies

Digital Identity Platform Diákhitel

Digital Smart Contracting – Hungarian Student Loan Center

Verifying the online identity of a potential customer is a major technological and legal problem (Anti Money-Laundering and KYC – Know Your Customer compliance). If you want to become a customer, you normally have to prove your identity and sign the contract in person. Our technology saves time and effort for your business and for your customers as well by doing the process remotely with an eIDAS account or eID card.

The solution is applied to the national student loan scheme, where all Hungarian students are entitled to a long-term student loan (up to 20 years), distributed nationally. 95% of students loans are contracted via Digital Identity Platform.

Digital Identity Platform Magyar Nemzeti Bank

Secure Authenticated Data Transfer – Hungarian National Bank

Our solution enables financial institutions to retrieve and transfer secure and authenticated electronic documents.

Solution provides registration form, electronic signature certificate, access to the notifications and publications of the Hungarian National Bank (MNB), mandatory reporting, data provision and announcement boards, and integration with AVDH services (central government notary service for document authentication).

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