e-Voting Solution

The absolute trust is essential in e-voting. Electoral systems face two challenges in conducting reliable elections; they must hold an election that reflects the will of the voters while convincing key electoral stakeholders that the outcome of the election reflects the will of the electorate.

The use of well-chosen technology offers new efficiency opportunities to help election administration with accurate, fast, reliable, transparent and secure solutions.

The challenge

Pre-registration, petition collection and anonymized e-voting were in our radar when we designed the respective elements of the e-voting Platform. 

Each step of the voting procedure requires different authentication, verification and administration requirements which are typically combined with unique regulations or internal company processes.

We love challenges, we love adventures.


Combined application of e-voter card, e-id, company registry cards and multiple biometric authentication and verification methods gives the flexibility to support different requirements and assure the right and free will.

Wide range of biometric verification, authentication, face recognition and liveness detection services are enhanced by the capabilities of our data science and artificial intelligence excellence team.


E-voting is not just about cryptography but also about secure storage and database archival. Our quantum safe research work organically enriches the security level of the solution. We continuously discovering potential improvement of the platform in security directions as well.

We currently work on secure voting protocol for score-based voting rules, where independent tellers perform the tallying procedure. The protocol outputs the winning nominee(s) while preserving the privacy of the voters and the secrecy of the ballots. It may offer perfect secrecy, in the sense that apart from the desired output, all other information – the ballots, intermediate values, and the final scores received by each of the nominee– is not disclosed to any party, including the vote counters.

Such security will increase the voters’ confidence and, consequently, encourage them to vote according to their true preferences.

Our customers can easily launch their custom or standard e-voting systems with our flexible platform
  • Requirement assessment with the electoral commission or government to be aligned with the respective local law or regulatory
  • Transparent IP and ownership definition without vendor-lock with support of our subject matter expert and legal office
  • Reliable security layer configuration for privacy preserving data, cryptographic encryption protection and non-repudiatory e-voting
  • Offline and online support of desired process with deduplication check orchestrated by workflow engine of the platform 
  • Compelling identification methods (e-id, biometry, multi-biometry, face recognition, liveness detection etc.)
  • Scalable architecture configuration for time-critical processes which coupled with exceptionally high traffic
  • Integration and harmonization with existing systems
  • Customer centric quality control and project management
  • General, mid-term and parliamentary elections
  • Voting of corporate boards and their delegates
  • University and student councils
  • Amendments to the statutes
  • Collective Bargaining and Negotiations
  • Form associations or federations
  • Participatory budgets, consultations on regulatory plans
  • Referendum regarding local decisions, for example settlement bypass road
  • Replacement or hybrid usage of paper-based election

Application Areas

Case Study

Nationwide Public Administration

E-voting system

During our work, our main goals were developing the pre-election registration, the petition collection and the e-voting/election system. After successful competitor analysis, requirement assessment and planning, we prepared the solution for a regional government office with the cooperation of the Hungarian Association for Electronic Signature.

Biometric verification, e-id reading, authentication, fillable digital forms, legally binding digital signature easily fit into the system, where we offered system integration and support activities. The next-generation solution provides a scalable architecture, data protection and encrypted data management to support time-critical processes, even with extremely high data traffic.

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