Data economy is booming, yet data sharing practices are not entirely transparent and have not been widely adopted.

We provide a simple way to share customer identification data, personal medical details, banking transaction history, utility history and many more by designing and building a consent based personal data market solution.

The platform is a safe and secure data sharing and monetization ecosystem. We continuously monitor relevant data regulations and directives (GDPR, PSD2, eIDAS, Data Governance Act, Digital Markets Act etc.) to comply with the latest requirements while SAML protocol and advanced encryption ensures maximum security of the transmission process.

Key Highlights

  • Integrate once, connect to many
  • Clear benefits for all parties
  • Simple pricing policy (aka Pay-As-You-Go)
  • Continuously growing number of Data Users as data buyers
  • Competing Data Holders as data sellers
  • Rating based feedback

Data Subjects today are conscious about their data privacy and control of data sharing. gives a simple onboarding and high-class user experience to review and manage constents and see different offers received from platform members.

A Data User company can issue better product offers, build automated or AI-driven solutions based on reliable and secure data and comply with all relevant regulatory requirements by joining to the platform. A Data Holder company can monetize the data and sell their service for a wide range of companies with only a single connection to our platform.

Our business model is based on a pay-as-you-go approach; therefore, we strive to enable as many transactions as possible and create an organically growing secure network for data-sharing.

How transaction works data holder, data user, data subject

Application Areas

  • Personal identification and data collection from official data sources 
  • Contracting – digital signature 
  • Requesting & sharing health data for personalized medicine and patient follow-up activities 
  • Requesting & sharing wearable data for insight-based insurance offers  
  • Customer onboarding with validation 
  • Credit history scores for product offers or client validation 
  • Customized investment offers based on banking account history data 
  • Browsing history to share with a shopping mall to receive unique benefits
  • Share location, parking and traffic data anonymously for transport optimization and better smart-city design 
  • Building new services into health and life insurance products with early detection signals & prevention 

Trust IS Business
Business IS Trust
Data IS Fragile
Privacy IS Freedom
Biometry IS Sensitive

Case Studies

Insurance Sector
Insurance company looking for identification data, health history and official medical records to automate low-volume claim disbursement and multi-party contract signing.
Telecommunication Sector
Telecommunication network provider giving special offers to clients in exchange for them giving access to their banking history data and improving the contracting procedure as well with the e-ID reading service of
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