E-Group is ready to work with companies of all sizes from any sectors to grow and succeed at every stage of the business lifecycle. Our most valuable asset is and always will be our people. Our team of finance, cryptography, technology and science professionals are the guarantee for a satisfied client.

Discover our areas of industry expertise. We are committed to take on your toughest business challenges so you can increase revenue, boost efficiency and remain competitive.

We deliver reliable and secure solutions to provide our customers with advanced technology to reduce bottlenecks in customer service processes. Our excellence will empower you to utilize your data with complex analysis and BI reports to promote productivity and predict relevant trends.
Data saves lives. We are experts in deep tech data-driven solutions striving to advance clinical research and development. Committed to strengthening the national economy, we implement innovative solutions and create commercially viable products to improve the efficiency in the healthcare system.
GovTech relies on trusted data. Our enhanced innovative and certified solutions bring government and administrative platforms closer to citizens by unlocking the potential of data.


EnergyTech is for the future on a living planet. With our knowledge in artificial intelligence, our excellence in deep tech data and experience in data security we work on innovative solutions for cost-efficient and sustainable energy consumption in partnership with the energy industry, including mission critical energy system managing organizations.
SpaceTech is the ultimate adventure. We are exploring our capabilities and strive to discover data-driven solutions and utilize our secure data transfer and encryption competencies.
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