EU Digital Identity Wallet

Today, the vision and plans of the EU Digital Identity Wallet were launched on the EU website

E-Group plays a pioneering role in the development of European digital identity and data wallet concepts, with outstanding contributions to technological innovation and digital integration. As an active participant in the European Digital Identity Wallet Consortium (EWC), E-Group participates in the establishment of a Large Scale Pilot (LSP) utilizing a European standard system and its reference implementation, which consolidates the diversity of national wallet solutions and ensures European interoperability among various national identity wallets.

For the Hungarian market, E-Group enables the rapid and successful application of wallet solutions by supporting the development of the MyD wallet, named microservice micro wallet-workflow framework, which plays a key role in the development of the Hungarian Wallet and Digital Citizenship Program (DÁP) by developer and system integrator companies. MyD provides technological assistance for this purpose.

E-Group’s expertise and experience are significant in the development of the Hungarian eIDAS 1.0 state identification infrastructure towards eIDAS 2.0 and a general European identity wallet direction. Our goal as a deep-technology engineering firm is to utilize our competencies to pave the way towards European interoperability while helping to maintain Hungary’s competitiveness, leveraging the technical advantages of the existing state identification infrastructure, and supporting those involved in its technical development.

The combination of E-Group’s decades of experience in developing Hungarian citizen identification systems and knowledge gained from the EWC consortium ensures that the solutions we offer are modern, high-quality, and innovative, providing strong support from the background for companies actively engaged in development and system integration efforts, and for the DÁP program.

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