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Category: Fintech solution in FINTECHSOW 5.0

Introducing is a fully transparent and secure data-sharing platform based on prior consent, offering an obvious way to deal with situations such as buying a phone on an instalment plan from a mobile operator’s website.

Services Software Development

Software Development

Software Development We create software tailored to the unique needs of our customers, maximizing efficiency and increasing productivity, while our innovative mindset stimulates every step

Digital Identity Platform

Digital Identity Platform

Digital Identity Platform Our digital identity product family provides a wide range of digital onboarding, authentication, identity management, e-signature creation & verification and ID federation

READ MORE data sharing platform Platform Platform Data economy is booming, yet data sharing practices are not entirely transparent and have not been widely adopted. We provide a simple way

READ MORE Platform share your personal data

Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway Solution Our solution facilitates quick payment support of card payments between card issuer networks and banks. The payment gateway communicates with the card

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