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e-Voting Solution The absolute trust is essential in e-voting. Electoral systems face two challenges in conducting reliable elections; they must hold an election that reflects

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Introducing is a fully transparent and secure data-sharing platform based on prior consent, offering an obvious way to deal with situations such as buying a phone on an instalment plan from a mobile operator’s website.

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Products Our software products and solutions support all aspects of your business. To speed-up your work, boost your business efficiency, we will offer a solution

Digital Identity Platform

Digital Identity Platform

Digital Identity Platform Our digital identity product family provides a wide range of digital onboarding, authentication, identity management, e-signature creation & verification and ID federation

READ MORE data sharing platform Platform Platform Data economy is booming, yet data sharing practices are not entirely transparent and have not been widely adopted. We provide a simple way

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EIT Digital Conference Brussels 2019

Pay with a Smile, the next evolutionary step in digital payments and the simplest solution to pay for frequent purchases. Face and palm recognition layers ensure seamless payment processes and provide improved customer experience.

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