The forefront of confidential computing

Federated cloud-edge AI continuum based on privacy preserving and federated computing elements.

In other words: AI/Knowledge processing layer over the cloud-edge infrastructure capabilities.

Private data, data processing (AI) services and insight generation can be fully decoupled from each other, algorithms can go to data or machine learning algorithms can train on encrypted data sent to compute depending on available resources or user needs while being private at demanded level.


FedEU.AI is at the forefront of confidential computing. Our cutting-edge, federated technology is revolutionizing the AI landscape. We are committed to enhancing the EU AI industry's competitiveness across various domains that require robust, efficient AI models.


Addressing the challenges of training AI on dispersed big data, across cloud-edge layers. We enable the creation of AI in multicloud environment with energy efficient algorithms and manage the entire lifecycle of AI in federated scenarios. Whether it's legal complexities, security concerns, accuracy issues, or energy efficiency considerations during AI training, FedEU.AI is designed to provide solutions.

We create the connected, sovereignty EU knowledge layer. Our approach ensures the sovereignty of data while uniting knowledge under stringent security and regulatory compliance. This will usher in a new era of "connected knowledge" and compliant AI perfectly aligned with the EU's AI Act and the concept of a regulatory sandbox.

Let’s collaborate

Establish a global model leveraging our technology and collaboration with key industry players. Collaboration projects where AI is of interest, data access is crucial, both in multicloud or heterogeneous edge-cloud scenarios. Cooperation with technological building blocks of cybersecurity, advanced, energy efficient AI functionalities, secure processing is of interest. We aim to connect major entities while leveraging our neutral position to redefine knowledge logistics.


Federated AI Learning Platform

The Federated AI Learning Platform (FedX) utilizes a technique which trains machine learning algorithms across multiple decentralized servers without sharing their data. By using the FedX, you get a secure and fast access to the data, while preserving privacy and gaining useful insights.

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