Federated AI Learning Platform

Unleash the potential of your data with FedX, transforming the challenge of accessing siloed data into an opportunity. Navigate through complex global regulations and personal data laws like GDPR seamlessly, making data access swift and hassle-free.

Elevate your AI's success with our solution. Boost accuracy through access to diverse, relevant data, even from isolated and sensitive sources. Turn data challenges into opportunities with our collaborative platform.

  • Faster AI/data collaboration
  • Greater impact research
  • Capitalize on sensitive data
  • New & fast collaboration opportunities
  • Clarified legal environment
  • Secure data sharing
  • Global scalability

Federated AI technology on distributed data

  • Data stays, AI travels
  • Privacy by Tech Design
  • De-risking AI
  • Collaborate on AI without sharing data
  • Personal data privacy guarantees
  • Compliance with data protection laws

Privacy first, controlled, federated AI sandbox for conform AI training, testing and validation

  • Federated Client Database: functionally separate, isolated, protected data processing environment
  • Trusted Federated Machine Learning Engine: no personal data transmitted, transferred during model development or validation
  • Privacy-preserving AI: processing fully preserves data subject and data provider privacy
  • Training & Resource Monitoring, Logging: monitoring of risks during development
  • User Management: only authorized person has access, temporary access to data processing can be given
  • FedX SF®: federated technology without adaptation barrier: zero loss of model accuracy, even on non-IID data, highly energy efficient training


Federated vs. Central training accuracy


  • Eliminates technology adaptation barriers
  • QoS comparable to non-federated approach
  • Works seamlessly with non-IID (idependent and identically distributed, ~ Real world data)

Federated computation cost


  • Low cost OPEX
  • Competitive pricing
  • Green Incentives

Application Areas

  • AI Act Regulatory Sandbox
  • Privacy-preserving Data Spaces
  • Cross-Country, Cross-Continent compliance
  • Global Industry HUB-2-HUB AI Operations

Case Study

AI Act – a new regulatory challenges for AI

Designed with compliance in mind, FedX allows you to develop, test, and validate AI systems in a controlled environment. Our product is engineered to seamlessly navigate the complexities of data regulations, freeing you up to focus solely on innovation.

1st National Federated Biobank in EU

The Semmelweis Biobank Network keeps the data of approx. 100,000 individuals. This data asset is managed by diverse, fragmented, non-interoperable data collection systems.

We create interoperability between fragmented databases at the institutional level and to make it possible to jointly analyze them in a way that guarantees the security of the individual’s personal data. We create federated data assets at the institutional level that preserves data protection guarantees, which supports interactive cooperation between cross-border health data repositories, the identification of new knowledge, a better understanding of the pathomechanism of disease, with the support of clinical research and decision-making. Data sharing that ensures privacy will ensure optimal interoperability between data collection centers.

  • 12 independent biobank in the network
  • FAIR data and data harmonization activities
  • European data standards
  • Secure and privacy assuring, distributed execution environment
  • Analytical and virtual data exchange system
  • Certificate enablement

Success Story

Case Study

FedEU.ai – the forefront of confidential computing

FedEU.AI is at the forefront of confidential computing. Our cutting-edge, federated technology is revolutionizing the AI landscape. We are committed to enhancing the EU AI industry’s competitiveness across various domains that require robust, efficient AI models.

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