Real-time data collection and analytics with IoT devices

One of the most dynamically developing areas of data collection and processing is the analysis of data from various IoT devices. Around 29 billion connected devices are forecast by 2022, of which around 18 billion will be related to IoT. Whether it is data of industrial or even household solar panels or windmills in the field of energy, the lifestyle data of smartwatches related to sports, the data of public and individual transport or data of medical devices, the monitoring and analysis of the devices unlock enormous potential.

Telemonitoring, which uses tools and methods supporting remote detection and examination, offers new perspectives in the field of telemedicine both in the treatment of patients and in the field of prevention. The remote gathering of real-time data from various wearable smart devices (IoT) to specialists can even enable immediate intervention, the continuously arriving data informs about the condition of individual patients, and the data collected and analyzed in an institution or even in the entire healthcare system provide information about people suffering from a specific disease or can provide information about the state of the entire population.

At the XXIV Rescue Conference held in Odorheiu Secuiesc (RO) in the first week of June, Dr. Gabriella Turcsányi, chief physician of the Budapest Charity Hospital, gave a presentation on the joint project, which develops the telemonitoring system of the Charity Hospital based on the E-Group HealthBook technology.

Dr. Gabriella Turcsányi highlighted the important impact of the limited patient-doctor meetings caused by the Covid-19 epidemic in the paradigm shift. She emphasized the wide variety of the project – the doctor overseeing the telemonitoring system, the diabetologists and general practitioners who are in regular contact with the patients, the voluntarily participating diabetes patients with smartphones, as well as the devices: Bluetooth blood glucose meter, HealthBook app, as well as the web data visualization results – and the importance of coordination and cooperation. The system creates the possibility of immediate intervention as well as the modification of therapy based on the data.

The HealthBook developed by E-Group collects, stores, and organizes data created from the health measurements of various IoT smart devices. Doctors can make trend analysis and forecasts and they can call up the relevant data anywhere and at any time, while the patient’s legal aspects also apply. Both the data relating to individual patients and the aggregated data contribute to increasing the efficiency of telemedicine and promote the creation of new diagnostic and treatment methods.

In the case of some diseases – diabetes, and certain types of circulatory and cardiovascular diseases – the data collected and processed from many sources offer new possibilities in the long term in the field of prevention and treatment.

The joint project of the E-Group and the Budapest Charity Hospital, which is about to start and is intended to solve the telemonitoring supervision of patients suffering from diabetes on a new basis, can also be a reassuring solution for individual patients. As Dr. Turcsányi pointed out: the goal is “regular follow-up of patients without having to show up for appointments every time”.

E-Group is proud of this collaboration and we hope that with this project we can also contribute to the data-based improvement of the healthcare system, which serves patients and makes life easier for institutions. IoT devices are important players in technological development, and the 4.0 industrial revolution, they open new paths in the field of automation, data collection, and data analysis and significantly contribute to the optimization of various work processes not only in healthcare but also in other areas: from energy to agriculture, from the banking sector and through the insurance business to various commercial activities and the transportation industry.

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