Our latest precision medicine – antiviral publication

Our highly respected colleague, Péter Mátyus PhD, DSc just recently published his latest review in the highly reputed journal, Chemistry of MDPI.

He summarizes key issues and conclusions of the publications as follows: COVID-19 became known two years ago and has since spread rapidly, with its many fatalities, severe complications and long-term health effects becoming a global health challenge today. At the same time, it drew attention to the importance of developing appropriate prevention and therapeutic concepts and strategies to combat emerging viral infections, which can become an extremely serious social burden.

In this context, we thought it worthwhile to review the health status of some long-known viral infections. In particular, for two reasons:

  1. the mutual exploitation of their lessons and results, moreover, the recognition of specific and common actions;
  2. to implement the principle and practice of precision medicine in the field of viral diseases.

New types of healthcare data utilization are essential for drug innovation; E-Group is developing new innovative IT tools and solutions to support scientific and technological work.

Link to the publication: Recent Advances in Influenza, HIV and SARS-CoV-2 Infection Prevention and Drug Treatment—The Need for Precision Medicine

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