30th Anniversary Meeting of the Society of Pro Scientia Medalists

A special award ceremony took place on the 24th of November, sailing on the Danube, the most beautiful river in Europe. The Pro Scientia, Pro Arte and Junior Pro Scientia Gold Medals, founded by the National Council of Student Research Societies have been awarded since 1989. All the gold medalists have made outstanding contributions to the academic fields in science or art. The aim of the award is to recognise exceptional achievements within the framework of the National Scientific Students’ Associations Conference and the National Art Students’ Associations Conference.

On the afternoon, following the presentation of the 2021 medals, there was a jubilee celebration for the holders of the gold medals awarded 30 years ago, in 1991. In response to the invitation of the Society of Pro Scientia Medalists, the 1991 gold medalist of the information science section, Antal Kuthy, our founder and CEO, gave a speech at the anniversary event. “We value these opportunities, where young talent can get attention and recognition and meet themselves up 30 years later. Although there are various generations in the society – from undergraduates to professors – all of us are still young (scientists) at heart. It’s motivating and inspiring to be surrounded by talent and enthusiasm, to belong to a special society where everyone is appreciated and you can develop a direct and honest relationship.”

Our heartfelt congratulations to all the award winners and we are delighted to have been involved in the important task of nurturing talent and increasing the social recognition of science.


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