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E-Group Contact Tracing

Physical Token Based Contact Tracing and Contact Analytics Platform


Why E-Group?

E-Group is a 100% European company, the creator of the presented Contact Tracing solution, the developer of the system components, and the seller and supplier of the complete solution. Physical tokens are manufactured by our partner.

Inexpensive physical tokens

Rechargeable battery, built-in vibrating motor for alarms

Secure and user-friendly application

Monthly subscription based on the number of active users

Detailed statements and analytics

Contact tracing, monitor compliance and the effectiveness of corporate health protection policies

Covid Challenge

COVID-19 is one of the most challenging global problems today, a popular topic in most news and everyday conversations, and unfortunately not without reason. The virus, with which nearly 28 million people worldwide have been infected by September, 2020, is still surrounded by considerable uncertainty.


The epidemic significantly upset the business world. Plenty of factories have been forced to shut down temporarily or to operate at reduced capacity, keeping their workers’ wellbeing in mind. It soon became clear that only few of the remaining companies would survive a downtime similar to the one in winter and spring.


Testing the entire personnel of a company is costly, the vaccine is still being developed, vaccinating all employees is extremely timeconsuming, and of course no one can be obliged to do so.


What is the guarantee that a similar epidemic won’t turn up in the near future? Do we just endure quarantine after quarantine, or do we adapt to the situation quickly?

The answer to this question is: E-Group Contact Tracing

E-Group gives a physical token to each employee of the customer and provides the company with a gateway. Employees can carry tokens around their necks or even in their work jacket pockets.

The advantage of using the token is that as a result of the warnings, it becomes a skill and a habit for the employees to keep the right distance! It is also a kind of work discipline, it also promotes the establishment of a culture responsible for employees (each other's health). Which is manifested in the reduction of the risk of infection of the employees, the number of sick pay and the number of days spent in quarantine, ie in maintaining the ability to work, and ultimately in the successful operation of the company.

Prevention is more cost-effective and humane than personal health and corporate damage caused by workers illness.

Physical Token

Accurate measurements, small size, long operating time, rechargeable battery


Covering more than 100 m2 or even more km2


Easy to use, quick to install, user friendly interface


Detailed and illustrative statements, statistics, contact research and compliance monitoring


Personal data is only stored by employers


Tokens can be customized, company logos can be placed on them

Areas of Application

Due to the epidemic, there is a great deal of uncertainty in the world today. However, we believe that Contact Tracing is a quick and effective step towards greater security and carefree everyday life.





Sport Halls

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the system store location data?

    The E-Group Contact Tracing system does not monitor, track or store users' locations, only collects token meeting data (distances from each other or meeting times) or stores it for later data processing and statistics.

  • The management application can be run either on a desktop computer (Windows, Linux, macOS, running in a browser as a web application) or on a tablet (Android, iOS).

  • The operating time depends on the number of contact events (operations to be sent to the server). But even with frequent contacts, more than 60 hours of continuous operation is expected, which means 6-7 days with 8-10 hours of daily operation. With average or infrequent contacts, up to 80-100 hours of operation is available.

  • The tokens have IP65 protection, ie they are protected against dust and low-pressure water jets (provided that the protective cap of the USB connector is properly fastened).

  •   Mobile application Token
    Shockproof, disinfectable, dripproof? rather NO YES
    Can be used everywhere, can be taken, e.g. to sheltered offices or next to production lines? NO YES
    Can it be said to be mandatory to use? NO YES
    Can a unified, complete company-level analytics, analyzes and audits be performed with the system? NO YES
    Does the worker spare his own phone, and the phone battery? NO YES
    Are employee “tampering” (shutdown) safe? NO YES
    Is it independent of the bluetooth or ultrasound wave consuming the mobile phone? NO YES
    Does it work independently of applications and updates? NO YES
    Does it protected from malicious phishing? NO YES
    It only measures the distance between employees and the time spent together, regardless of who goes where? CANNOT BE GUARANTEED YES

  • Detecting an infection is often an expensive but definitely time consuming process. (The negative result of cheaper rapid tests is not certain, it is not enough, it has to be re-validated with PCR tests. In other words, they are not suitable for proving fitness for work or for excluding infectivity! Performing the gold standard PCR tests can definitely mean sampling, transport, lengthy laboratory testing and varying costs of up to 60 Euros from one country to another!)

    If someone is found to be infected, there is a high chance of serious illness, later complications, even at a young age. But even if you survive the illness in good condition, both the worker and the employer will suffer from 10-14 days off work! A similar 10-14 day quarantine awaits all contact staff, i.e. those you have met in the last five to seven days. Such a loss or downtime affecting up to dozens of employees puts the employer in an extremely difficult situation, it also causes serious financial damage!

    In summary, performing the tests is time consuming and expensive, and if an infection is detected, the time quarantined by the affected workers will result in a severe reduction in results for the employer. And of course the danger to life caused by the crown virus disease, the detrimental effect on health should not be ignored!

    The best, most cost-effective solution to keep your employees healthy and to keep you working is to prevent COVID infection! (We have to wait for vaccination, in many cases the home office also causes a reduction in production.)

    The token based distance tracking technology developed by our company provides technical assistance for the prevention of infection and the observance of work distance! The use of tokens in the workplace environment helps to develop an attentive employee attitude that keeps each other's health and ability to work, thus ultimately keeping the company's efficiency in mind - keeping a distance.



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