CORPEX - Corporate internet banking



CORPEX is a high-end internet banking system developed for corporate and retail customers. Its main competitive advantages are the comprehensive nature, the complexity of banking services offered, the security of operations and its adaptability to your customers particular needs.


  • Clients use a simple browser to access banking services. Security may include smartcards, key hardware (token) or simple password. All of the devices can be used for the authentication and also for authorization.
  • Access and authorization rights of a particular user are configurable by account and by product. All users to authorize payments have individual limits specific to the account and product. User groups may be defined (up to 5 users) with independent group limits, allowing joined or combined signatures. Signature rights for foreign currency transfers are based on exchange rates specified by the bank.
  • All relevant financial, configuration and technical events are logged. Search and reporting facilities are included on both bank and client side. The right to the log data can be set per user also on client and bank side.
  • Online interface is provided also for bank users managing the system and for several financial function, like handling Trade Finance applications. Resources/helps/messages manageable by the bank, does not requires developments.


  • Accounts: including history, statements, cash pooling
  • Payment orders:
    • Domestic, SEPA, SWIFT, direct debit, payments between own accounts, batch payments (pay-rolls), cyclic payments
  • Trade Finance: Issuing and amendments of Trade finance applications (bank guarantees, documentary credit, and documentary collection) with automatic SWIFT message generation.
  • Card handling: List available cards, card accounts. History and statements for card accounts. Supporting card related requests.
  • Cash services: Supporting cash products, like withdrawals, cash exchange, closed form cash-in payments, reports and authorizations.
  • Deposits: It is possible to create new deposit orders and retrieve the data of the existing deposits in the system.
  • Secure mail between client users and the bank. Broadcast mail to all or a group of users, attachments. Authentication through digital signatures assuring the legal validity of client orders. Integration with the internal mailing system of the bank.
    • Lists, complex search and reporting facilities. Printing, import, export in standard or client specific formats. Partner database. Pre-defined payments (templates). Format and content controls, according to national clearing system and SWIFT standards, cut-off time control, bank calendar. Efficient handling of large number of transaction, related screen ergonomy and user functions.
  • "Low volume" transactions: capture screens enable the client to submit transactions (cash desk, loan/depo, treasury, documentary, custody operations, etc.). These transactions are converted to a mail message, authorized and transmitted with the digital signatures assuring the legal value of the order. New transactions and banking services can thus be introduced with very low investment and time to market. The transaction screens are manageable by the bank. New forms can be defined without development. The bank is able to organize the forms under different (bank defined) topics.  It is possible to customize the list of available forms by clients.
  • Account reconciliation: automatic matching of transfers submitted through CORPEX and executed or rejected by the bank (based on reports issued by the bank and/or end of day statement).
  • CORPEX enables to access accounts held at third party institutions. The client may retrieve statements of accounts and issue payment orders affecting such accounts.