MOBIX Communication Framework

MOBIX provides an innovative cross-platform video communication solution that is independent, proprietary and ensures maximum security.

The objective is to provide an affordable solution for organizations that consider it important to keep their video-communication infrastructure in their own hands: MOBIX video calls are routed through a company-installed server and, if necessary, recorded in a secure environment.

MOBIX can be accessed by users from smart phones, Windows / macOS devices and browsers.

The system is easy to integrate with your company's existing infrastructure: you can identify call participants with a single sign-on corporate authentication server independent of MOBIX, and integrate the system's web client into the company's portal.

In addition to secure point-to-point communication, the MOBIX system also provides a call- center Web-based customer service that provides a work desk, queues and switches clients, and authentically archives recorded conversations as needed.


  • Video or voice calls
  • Video and text messaging
  • Send files and pictures
  • Call center functionality
    • Queues
    • Reporting
    • Monitoring
  • Browser support
  • Integration options
  • iOS, Android support

The system is available on the following platforms:

  • Microsoft Windows 8 and up
  • macOS
  • iOS (iPhone 6 and up / iPad)
  • Android 5.0 and up


  • High-security video and sound communication
  • Independent platform with virtualization functionality
  • Supports single sign-on
  • Complex solution and platform

Sectors where MOIBX has already been proven

  • Banks and insurance companies
  • The blind and visually impaired community (Távszem app)
  • Sinosz KONTAKT system made for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community (MOBIX Assisted Hearing)