MOBIX Assisted HealthCare

mobix healthcare

The latest version of MOBIX's medical solution developed especially for a medical and patient care environment, has opened completely new doors to meet special medical users’ and pre-hospital needs.

The new user interface (UI) and advanced functionalities, combined with MOBIX’s mature platform result in a significant improvement in the quality of the everyday life of patients, nurses, and physicians involved in patient care-related processes.

How it works

The primary functionality of the product is the establishment of a short, one- or two-minute one-way video call with a special call center in the best possible picture and sound quality, even in life-saving situations. During the calls, the staff with the patient will contact a doctor, specialist or a physician with special expertise to support, for example, the provision of pre-hospital activities. The communication channel thus established is suitable for the patient to receive appropriate medical care as soon as possible.

Example cases

  • Pre-hospital support for stroke cases
  • Supporting the contact of an ambulance doctor or staff with a physician with special expertise
  • Providing medical support in life-saving situations
  • Supporting early planning of patient management processes

Additional features of Assisted HealthCare

All the main features of MOBIX platform and the following:

  • duty and schedule organization for physicians with special expertise
  • determining and continuously tracking the geo-coordinates of call-related cases based on endpoints and devices
  • multi-level specialized call-center application
  • flash that can be turned on during a call


MOBIX Assisted HealthCare topology


mobix hc eng new


 For users

  • Call a specialist on demand
  • Voice and video call
  • Special anti-bacterial devices
  • Rugged, durable devices supporting extreme weather conditions

For service providers

  • Service statistics
  • Support financial reporting and invoicing, breakdown by specialist
  • Custom call-center service design and management
  • Establishment of service by subscription or by the specialist’s schedule
  • Service tracking