MOBIX Assisted Vision

mobix vision

Developed for the blind and visually impaired community, the latest version of MOBIX offers brand new possibilites to meet specific user needs.

The new interface (UI) and advanced functionalities combined with the mature platform of MOBIX can bring about significant improvement in the quality of everyday life for the visually impaired.

How it works

The primary functionality of the product is to provide a short one-to-two-minute, one-way video call with a dedicated call center in the best possible image quality. During a call, a qualified helper explains what is in front of the visually impaired user, what is the textual content on the object in his hand, or what happens in the user's environment.

Example cases

  • Paper based letter, invoice scanning
  • Check food expiration date
  • Read chemicals warning
  • Interpreting the public transportation timetable

Additional features of Assisted Vision

All the main features of MOBIX platform and the following:

  • user-friendly interface for the blind and partially sighted
  • talkBack and VoiceOver integration
  • special call-center application
  • flash on during a call

MOBIX vision topology

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For users

  • Call on-demand operator / remote assistance
  • Voice and video call
  • Smartphone application

For service providers

  • Service statistics
  • Support for financial reporting and billing
  • Custom call center service design and management
  • Establishment of services: by subscription or by interpreter
  • Service tracking