DLX – DataLake Platform


The DataLake DLX product is a sophisticated platform with advanced, hyper-convergent software infrastructure, data virtualization and management capabilities and the ability to build an analytic power plant based on it. DLX enables organizations to transform and leverage both horizontally (large amounts of data) and vertically (multiple types of data) scaled, structured or unstructured data as well as data from a variety of data sources into an integrated data asset in a managed manner from a data engineering perspective. The product enables refined information and knowledge to be extracted from cataloged data “by the platform's analytics module for innovation and data utilization.

Certain data-based correlations otherwise non-perceptible become apparent with the implementation of E-Group’s technology.Organizations rely on well-established mechanisms to build data assets from fast growing data sets, enabling the product to provide diverse analytical processing, so that R & D & I projects in the organization's professional fields can deliver much more reliable results in less time.

In addition to these aspects and capabilities, DLX integrates industry-leading technology solution providers’ core technologies, complemented by the knowledge, experience and software technology expertise accumulated within E-Group. The successful implementation of the product is advocated by the methodology which makes it possible to introduce a DLX-based data project step-by step or at once in an organization dedicated to implementing a data-driven operational model and taking the necessary operational steps.

Thanks to E-Group's European and international network, it has the ability to set up a state-of-the-art data analytic, data scientist, research and development team to solve unique, high-value business issues, which it can manage, implement and operate in close collaboration with the customer, even realized based on a common innovative model.

E-Group is a dedicated member of the EIT Digital European Institute of Technology, through which the company has the chance to work with leading European universities and major research and development workshops, which it is able to mobilize for the expansion of projects. Furthermore, by leveraging its extensive EU, US and Chinese technology relationships for DLX-based projects, it offers its customers new, market-leading solutions that enable DataLake to become a high-impact production tool.

A DLX-based collaboration ensures that our clients build state-of-the-art, in-house data-driven and analytic infrastructure based on standard elements, which enable several data projects to be built in the future with significant value-added capabilities.

E-Group is the first in Hungary to develop such a platform in the field of healthcare in Pécs within the framework of the InnoHealth DataLake (IHDLX) project (GINOP-2.2.1-15-2017-00067). The implementation of the platform itself is of enormous value by providing the opportunity to transform the isolated data of the University of Pécs (PTE) into a unified data asset. The value of the platform is further enhanced by the use of data-driven, research-based physician-researcher toolkits that provide the platform with the ability to dynamically augment, create value, and leverage data assets for innovation. For more information about the project visit innohealth.eu.

In addition to healthcare, the DLX complex technology solution has enormous potential in the fintech and govtech fields as well.