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Verifying online identity of a new potential customer is a major technological and legal problem (Anti Money-Laundering and KYC – Know Your Customer compliance). If you want to become a customer, you normally have to prove your identity in person. With IOX, you can save time and effort for your business and for your customer as well by doing the process remotely with an eIDAS account or eID card, that will ensure compliance to the modified regulation of the Hungarian National Bank, 45/2018. (XII.17.) MNB act.

IOX will help simplify and speed up your business processes from KYC Customer Due Diligence (CDD) to the onboarding process through a standardized mobile SaaS system with identity documents as well as biometric data.

Biometric data can be generated using a mobile phone camera, enabling seamless customer due diligence with or without a human operator.


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Unknown person + ID documents + IOX = Verified Customer 

IOX is a combination of a web service and a mobile application that enables us to develop identity management and related onboarding processes that are compliant with both the Hungarian and the EU regulatory environment.

With IOX, the identification of your customers can be easily managed without the need to present themselves in person through a secure, encrypted, confidential, inviolable, and trusted communication channel:

  • Real-time, directing your customers to an operator at your organization through a video communication channel
  • Non-real time, using a mobile application
    • automatic scanning of the identity card / driving license / passport and residence card and verification of the security features,
    • use a live camera image to create a 3D portrait and compare this data with a photo on the ID


  • Read Identity Documents content (OCR and MRZ)
  • Read authentic data stored in electronic ID and passport by NFC reading (ID / passports) – optional;
  • Selfie recording capability; checking live selfie image
  • Face recognition (Proof of Presence - PoP)
  • Enforce authentication processes that can be arranged and combined arbitrarily

Competitive advantages

  • Customer Due Diligence is performed by software instead of human resources with the active involvement of the customer so the service provider does not have to allocate time to the CDD process
  • Improved Customer experience: it is not the customer who is “waiting” but his data
  • CDD can be done, anytime, anywhere
  • Scanning electronic data and recording selfies for faster and more efficient administration

Main use-cases

  1. Back-office administrator takes part in the Customer Due Diligence process: the user establishes a live video connection with an agent and reconciles customer information during the conversation
  2. No back-office administrator is present during the Customer Due Diligence process: The user’s ID data and photo are scanned via a mobile application and compared with his / her 3D model of the face

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Main components of IOX and their connection

Related legal and technical regulations covered by IOX: 45/2018. (XII. 17.) MNB (Hungarian National Bank) amended Act.

45/2018. (XII. 17.) MNB's amended Act. provides the details of the legal and related technical background required for the real and non-real-time Customer Due Diligence processes. Our service and solution, the IOX - Identity Onboarding eXpert – enables you to seamlessly integrate the business processes of implementing real-time and non-real-time customer due diligence with your organizational processes, in accordance with applicable regulations.

Target markets

  • Banks and financial institutions,
  • Credit institutions
  • Insurance companies
  • Other sectors where identity verification is necessary or useful for pre-screening new clients
  • Service providers in cooperation with EU countries


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IOX non-real time version

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IOX real-time version


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