The goal of the project is to develop a technology that can provide some addition to the streaming contents (sound, motion picture, etc.) in the form of META information alongside time dimension in a way that a new dimension can be opened for the content consumers. By learning the additional information, services and transactions can be performed that increase the value of other services connected tightly to the content like „lookup”/data inquiry, establishing data search function, making payments, active feedback, etc., that help the true use of t-trade. In data streams so called „tagging”, content labelling and encoding (codec) technologies are developed that are created as a new meta band beside video, sound and teletext bands, either as an independent data stream or tunnelled in as part of the existing traditional stream. Based on the meta information, initiation of t-trade transactions and the complete execution thereof is possible with use of interactive devices and the Internet through the integrated payment solution.

Meta information for users can be displayed in the traditional way as with teletext on TV. In a single screen, in a divided way, or even in a picture layer placed on the picture itself (of course in case of video). 

The developed technologies naturally support and add new elements (even very strong marketing opportunities) to the generally used and operated t-trade solutions. (TV-shops, TV commercial blocks between programs and movies, bets between sport programs, loyalty programs, games) 

We aim to implement a universal, widely applicable tagging and encoding (codec) platform supporting t-trade, that supports the multi-service provider model and communication interface (earthly broadcasting, mobile Internet, etc.) and connects easily to the existing systems. One of the most important novelties thereof is that the special tagging and codec system complements transparently the application of the existing standards. 

The goal of the research-development project specified in this tender is (in addition to the ones specified in the introduction): to protect the new system as a patent. The project intends to pay high attention to the security issues of the integrated solution, emphasizing the importance of the strong authentication and applying, further developing the related already existing technologies.




Networkshop 2013 konferencia - T-VISION előadás

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