The point of our solution is to connect by a special, so-called "secondscreen" mobile application the broadcast TV and Radio platforms, as well as the Internet and mobile technologies. So as a result, and by enhancing the viewer/listener’s activity new kinds of additional advertising models can be developed, and broadcast TV’s and Radio’s efficiency can be significantly increased. This possibility will certainly arouse the interest of altering 'traditional' television and radio broadcast market actively investigating new ways and models.

To be developed Mobiqoos technology means that a synchronous, ie. synchronized to TV and radio broadcasts and optimized for smart devices information "crumb-platform" operating in "push" mode provides education, advertisement, additional interactive information on the TV or radio viewer/ listener's cell phone or other smart instrument (Mobiqoos platform client application Mobiqoos App) capable by a unique intelligent audio identification technology to automatically identify what they're listening to TV or radio channel. Moreover the platform may bind additional information with push / interactive nature and display it on the smart device application environment in a centralized manner. The dynamic Mobiqoos application and server-side technology background (note: different mobile platforms will be available, but the prototype system prefers Android OS implementations) provide following possibilities: integration of electronic point clearing system enhancing customer loyalty, e-vouchers, embedded micro-sites running on mobile devices and e-commerce systems. The server side is prepared also to run on cloud-based platform.



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