E-Group introduces the powerful loyalty, rewards and recognition platform – the success of governmental institutions and organizations is determined by their ability to retain and motivate human resources, especially the ’key employees’. 

The market of human resources is changing continuously. The cultural, geographical and the departmental differences can be significant in an organization. According to studies, an unemployed person finds a new workplace in 11 months on the average. Finding,  training new employees is costly for employers. The motivation of the teams has a direct effect on the performance of the entire organization. The issue is more dramatic in the case of ’key employees’, where leveraging and retaining critical know-how is essential. The creation of effective human resource management schemes, the building of corporate communities, and their support of effective information systems can boost productivity and GDP, and help avoid losses – both on micro and macro levels.

E-Group HCRMS system offers government and private organizations to build customized motivation schemes, based on measurement and incentive programs specific to the employer.

The HCRMS system is integrated with community and collaboration applications, that use WEB 2.0 utilities for supporting the internal processes.

The system consists of different modules that can be tailored to the specific needs of an organization:

  • Reward module – employee of the month/year
  • Dashboard - monitoring each person or team achievements, comparison with fellow teams, competition, monitoring team achievements under the direct supervision of a given person
  • Career planning – short and middle term planning and follow-up
  • Education planning – short and middle term planning and follow-up
  • Education registry – acquired qualifications, courses, knowledge-matrix parameters
  • Human Resource module – recording of tasks and seasonal tasks, templates, mapping of organizational hierarchy
  • Management information system - reporting and monitoring at management level
  • Reporting - monitoring for HR and financial teams
  • Message-sending module – e-mail, SMS, individual portal integration
  • Knowledge-matrix module – qualifications, knowledge-matrix, knowledge-parameters, language skills
  • Internal community portal – individual sites, personal data, contact networks
  • Internal position-search and shift management
  • Administration of company hierarchy, access and intervention levels, permanent or campaign based teams




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