• The beneficiaries of the project
    • E-Group ICT Software Informatikai Zrt
    • Alkalmazott Logikai Laboratórium
    • Beia Consult International
  • Name of the project
    • „Smart, natural language semantic analyzer platform to process oriented back-ends (Speech2Process, S2P)”
  • Funding in HUF
    • consortium in Hungary: 89.737.419,- HUF
  • Funding in %
    • consortium in Hungary: 69,02%
  • Planned finishing date of the project
    • 30.06.2018
  • Project ID
    • International: EUROSTARS E!9870
    • Hungarian: NEMZ_15-1-2016-0018

Content of the project

The final result of the project is an intelligent, voice-based front end for the call centers, electronic banking systems, e-commerce sites. The main idea is to make more convenient the whole process for the client, so he/she can tell his/her wishes by natural language sentences, which will be automatically processed by our system. The system will give feedback in each case, also voice-based. Our main target area is all the institutions who have call centers and all service providers who have web-based front-ends.

The international consortium consists of three members:

  • E-Group: leader of the consortium, expert of the main project domain (banking area), responsible for preparing of the necessary workflows and their controlling system. Also responsible for marketing and sales
  • ALL: expert of speech technology, responsible of automatic recognition, semantic analysis and developing of dialogue manager
  • BEIA: takes part of developing and marketing of the Romanian system-version