E-Group became a member of the AI Coalition

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E-Group ICT Software Zrt. is proud to be a member of The Hungarian Artificial Intelligence (AI) Coalition. The AI Coalition was founded upon the initiative of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology under the Digital Success Programme as an expert and consultation forum of the local AI ecosystem. This platform connects stakeholders in business, research, academia and government in the field of artificial intelligence to prepare the Hungarian economy and society for the AI revolution.

The mission of the AI Coalition is to

  • propel Hungary to the European forefront in the area of AI developments;
  • strengthen the competitiveness of domestic enterprises through extensive dissemination and utilization AI-based use-cases;
  • facilitate the participation of Hungarian start-ups and SMEs in AI development activities in partnerships with large enterprises, universities or international partners;
  • make sure that the government, as a user of AI-powered solutions, should be actively engaged in developing the local AI ecosystem by systematically utilizing the national data asset pool.

The AI Coalition’s purpose with the so-called AI Challenge is to get at least 1% of society, that is 100,000 Hungarian citizens to learn the basics about Artificial Intelligence by completing an online course as well as introduce at least 1 million citizens to the technology via exhibits, events, brochures and contests.