Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Innovation

The Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Molecular Informatics of the Hungarian Society for Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology and E-Group ICT Software Plc has organized a conference entitled Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Innovation: Opportunities and Challanges. Through prominent professionals, the conference aimed to present, new examples of areas of medicine and health innovation that, beyond their own frameworks, could represent an important conceptual advance in the future.

With their insightful presentations, Dr. Dániel Bereczki, Director of the Neurological Clinic of Semmelweis University, Prof. Zsuzsanna Helyes, President of the János Szentágothai Research Center, Dr. Krisztián Fodor, Head of Department of the National Institute of Phramacy and Nutrition, and last but not least Antal Kuthy, CEO of our company contributed to the event.