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Innovation Day - EIT Digital

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In December, our company’s CEO, Antal Kuthy was invited to be the keynote presenter at the first Innovation Day organized by EIT Digital and our company, now as the partner of EIT Digital was introduced as well. The topic of his presentation this time was digital colonization. Nowadays, mostly all data is accessible in digital form. Dataflow intertwines the whole world, everything becomes more and more connected. But who is in control? Who has the power over data? Our CEO elaborated on this topic, he mentioned future trends and Europe’s position in this new digitized world. According to him, the power is in the hands of those who process data. Europe plays an increasingly secondary role, lagging behind the USA and China. Adopting the American start-up culture without consideration, and opening Europe’s markets without limitation put Europe in a difficult position: that is what we call digital colonization. According to our CEO, the way out for Europe is to realize its own weaknesses and redefine and base the market on its own traditions. The European way is a network of cooperating companies and research facilities which are able to meet user demands based on the long tail model.  The key message of the presentation therefore was that from digital naives we need to become digital natives. And for that, we need organizations like EIT Digital. It has been proven by E-Group’s successful participation in the EIT projects, real projects, cooperating with international partners.