Blockchains and cryptocurrencies

6. November, 2017

Blockchains and cryptocurrencies


The MNB Department of Corvinus University held its first own conference, the topic of which was The role of digital currencies in financial infrastructures. Our company’s CEO, Antal Kuthy spoke at the conference on the new trend in the financial world —cryptocurrencies. In his presentation, he addressed the blockchain technology behind these, distributed ledgers, cryptocurrencies, and the major players and existing implementations in the field.

The presentation emphasised Bitcoin, as the first cryptocurrency-implementation, and Ethereum, featuring smart contracts. He outlined the development phases of blockchain technology (where it originated from, where we are at the moment, and what to expect in the future), and he illustrated with examples the advantages and disadvantages of the technology, and the possible areas in which it could be used. He concluded his presentation with a proposal, according to which the central banks of the Visegrád Group (V4) should issue their own cryptocurrency together.

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