2017 nov - WFD’s 3rd International Conference

WFD’s 3rd International Conference


In November, 2017, Budapest hosted WFD’s (World Federation of the Deaf) 3rd International Conference, the key theme of the event was Full Inclusion with Sign Language, promoting the preservation, development and equal rights of the deaf culture. Our company’s CEO, Antal Kuthy presented at a plenary session of the technology section. The presentation was interpreted to the deaf audience with the help of sign language interpreters. Our world is constantly changing thanks to recent technological advances. These advances have the potential to fundamentally change for the better the quality of the lives of disabled people, including the deaf as well, and help them fully integrate into society. The concept of disability is going to change fundamentally in the future as barriers are disappearing with technology.  Among the advances in technology, our CEO mentioned a few, such as chatbots, that could function as personal assistants, artificial intelligence and the increasing role of augmented reality as well. These might be the reality of a more distant future, however, our company offers a solution here and now. Our product, MOBIX, is a powerful, smart technology platform delivering Video Relay Services (VRS), Video Remote Interpreting (VRI), and Integrated Multimedia Messaging services and connecting the members of the Deaf and Hard Hearing Community with the rest of society. We also exhibited at the conference to promote MOBIX internationally.