31. May, 2016

IBM CONNECT, The Castle Varkert Bazaar

IBM bc 2016 01 Kuthy Antal E Group CEO

The intelligence is artificial, but our beer is real! 

Antal Kuthy, CEO of E-Group presented their R&D flagship 'MIZU' fusion framework of artificially intelligent dialogues at IBM's SEE BusinessConnect event.

The presentation demonstrated the amazing opportunities provided by IBM Watson, and the synergies of E-Group's AI Cognitive Computing developments. As a specialist of secure transactions, e-identity and smart platforms, E-Group is actively seeking the best use cases of leading AI technologies (both language and cognitive) through their applied AI solutions. During the presentation, Kuthy introduced visitors to a mock scenario of ordering beer in an English pub with the help of AI, by having a conversation with the spirit of the pub. This application well represents E-Group's dedication to intelligent dialogue solutions.