Our colleague was invited to speak on Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Event

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Microsoft is hosting an SQL Server 2019 Uncovered Virtual Event on October 6, to which our colleague, the principle architect of our InnoHealth Datalake project, Alexandra Babaics, was invited to speak. She will be presenting at the Customer Cases section, where she will share her experience with the IHDL project. Szandra mentions the biggest challenges they have to face during the project and she talks about how the SQL Server 2019 helped to overcome these challenges. Link to the virtual event: SQL Server 2019 Uncovered Virtual Event

E-Group is now EHDEN-certified





We are proud to announce that E-Group has been certified by the European Health Data & Evidence Network (EHDEN) to map health data from various formats to the OMOP common data model.

On the 4th and 5th of August, EHDEN organised a virtual certification event, where 10 SMEs, among them, E-Group, was certified.

Our smart data team acquiredvaluable knowledge as well as practical skills on standardizing health data to the OMOP common data model (CDM) and the installation of the technical infrastructure and successfully taken the certification exam. 

E-Group was not only certified, but became the part of the EHDEN community to be able to share and get access to knowledge and further strengthen this collaboration.

The SME curriculum consisted of 5 courses, training our colleagues in all the necessary skills to work with the EHDEN Data partners in harmonising their health data to the OMOP CDM: EHDEN Foundation / OHDSI-in-a-box / OMOP CDM & Standardized vocabularies / Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) process / OHDSI Infrastructure.

More information on the newly certified SMEs is available at the Service Provider Directory, a catalogue listing all EHDEN Certified SMEs and the potential services they can offer.






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What is the future of payment in our increasingly cashless society? This was the main topic of this year’s Paytech Show held at the Congress Centre of Budapest attended by nearly 250 participants representing major players in the payment and banking sector. We have an answer to that question, Pay with a smile. With its multi-factor biometric technology and c, PwaS will take us to a new chapter in European digital payment and make instant payment easier than ever. Smooth payment processes, better user experience = more satisfied customer & merchant. This equation is the basis of our ongoing 3-year long project with EIT Digital.


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EIT Digital Conference Brussels 2019


Pay with a Smile, the next evolutionary step in digital payments and the simplest solution to pay for frequent purchases. With our project in cooperation with EIT Digital, we set out to the EIT Digital Conference in Brussels, and demonstrated that with Pay with a smile’s multi-layer biometric authentication technology, we can step into the next chapter of digital payments. Face and palm recognition layers ensure seamless payment processes and provide improved customer experience.


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