Antal Kuthy

Having graduated from Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), electrical engineer and computing scientist Antal Kuthy founded E-Group in 1993 with his friend and classmate Andras Nagy.

Antal further studied at IBM's Speech Recognition lab in Tokyo through NTT's graduate research programme, graduated at US computer science in Germany-postgraduate diploma degree (Thesis: Telecommunication Integration, participated at financial economics Program in London (Thesis: Game Theory and its applications). He gathered experience in finance in the City.

In 1997, E-Group was the first of Hungarian small and medium-sized enterprises to found an independent research laboratory: the cryptography and e-business lab at BME.

In 2000, early in Hungarian venture capital history, E-Group have successfully raised capital from the 3i Group's 3TS.

Kuthy lived in Hong Kong with his family between 2006 and 2013, where he aimed to build the Asian and Chinese presence of E-Group. He founded their Vietnamese subsidiary, and also the Hungarian-Hong Kong Innovative Business Council. He had an active role in paving the path for Hungarian-Chinese collaborations via the Shenzhen-Hong Kong HiTech Programme.

He created a new member company of E-Group to process transactions for China UnionPay in 2011.

Kuthy is especially interested in Cognitive Computing and AI, and in pursuing the innovation and opportunities provided by those technologies.

In his free time - which he hardly ever has - he aims to ensure his children are relaxed and perfectly behaved, without visible success.