András Nagy

Nagy co-founded E-Group in 1993 after graduating from Budapest University of Technologies and Economy (BME) as an electrical engineer and computing scientist. Not only were Nagy and Kuthy classmates, they were also in conscription together.

He has studied speech technologies and cryptographics in depth both during his years at BME and after graduating. He is responsible for progress of technological tasks; he's practically responsible for getting things done.

Having studied at Fazekas, one of Hungary's best secondary schools, he has deep technical, mathematical and analytical skills. He has been the technological leader of E-Group from the beginning, and represents engineers in the management with his problem-centered innovation approach.

He contributed to all major products of E-Group. He is currently the active leader of their technological and development team, and forms E-Group's development strategies in strong collaboration with their R&D unit.

Nagy has a passion for hockey; he is a great cook, and a father of two talented boys. He knows he can always count on the support of his amazing wife.