About Us

Founded 1993, Hungary

HQ in Budapest, Europe

Presence: Hong Kong, JV US, Seattle


Team: Excellence

  • mature software development team
    10% Phd, 10% multiple M.Sc. , 70% M.Sc., 10% B.Sc.
  • R&D centre in 2 Hungarian Technology University, Budapest and Miskolc
  • proven software and HW device programming external partnering ring
  • Group of 3 CEE/HUN companies (software and ICT services SaaS, PaaS)
  • Business development and project development partnerships in R&D&I
  • International activity (50+% of revenue outside of Hungary, CEE region)

Client base

  • Financial – Energy – Government (public security and citizen ID)
  • Critical Infrastructure Companies & Mission Critical system implementation

 We are specialist solution provider and software product factory

  • Transacting
    • Corporate internet banking, payment, loyalty, e-money systems, Card Transactions: China UnionPay Gateway related technologies (hosting and some development), smart cards, Loyalty, NFC
  • eIdentity
    • e-identiy, eIDAS, PKI & Digital signature technologies, cards, applied cryptography, complex data security
  • Smart Platforms
    • Powerful messaging and mobile app. platforms  (video, streaming, messaging Social media, and application front frameworks)
  • Support SLA Services: 5/8 24/7
    • managed hosting, Hybrid (our client + 3rd party Cloud e.g. Azure or IBM Bluemix, Amazon etc) for our own systems / clients only
  • R&D&I
    • Applied research and contract research to product development:
      several EU projects Frameworks  and now H2020 active participation supporting  our core innovation activity
  • Key Industry CEE Partnering:

Core Values

  • Management owned company / founder control
  • High profile projects, NO FAILED PROJECT since 1993!
  • Stability in values , long-term vision and independence
  • Extensive international networking and experience
  • Creative senior team
  • Professional team & industry-specific expertise
  • Mature Software development process, handling complexity
  • Quality and execution
  • Technology enthusiasm: technology excites us
  • Business analysts & legal background
  • HU and EU research programs > „producting”
  • Innovations Labs at Universities and own innovation and own start-up ecosystem
  • Vendor independent approach – avoid strong dependencies from „3rd party”

Present and future

  • Client base
    • Financial/Banking/Payment, Government, Energy/Utilities, critical infrastructure
  • International
    • project experience in 10+ countries (projects) 50% of revenues, core engineering base in Budapest, spin-off models
  • Activity next
    • Core Product set, further improve specialist (!) company profile
    • Solution frameworks derived from core products/technologies
    • Client specific but product base driven custom solutions
    • 2015-2017 „E-GROUP 2.0”:
      PaaS and SaaS, AI/cognitive reasoning technologies enhanced secure smart transactions