Information from data, knowledge from information.

From the acquired knowledge, we create value.


Large amounts of unstructured data are being generated in every aspect of life. The question is simple: who can efficiently manage and transform this into useful information.

Our product range offers innovative data management, data security, cryptographic and transactional solutions for various industries. We have become experts in developing citizen identification systems.

Since our company’s foundation in 1993, we have gained considerable experience through our successful projects in the health, financial, energy and government sectors. We developed the first electronic signature in Hungary, our banking front-end system has been used by European subsidiaries of Credit Agricole since 1994, and we introduced our own micropayment system in the mid-2000s.

In the spirit of cooperation between Asia and Hungary, we work with major Chinese companies, and we have opened a representative office in the region.

The communication platform developed by us helps the daily life of the Hungarian deaf and hard of hearing community. Since 2018, we have been working on our InnoHealth Datalake project, which aims to capitalize on the potential of Hungarian health data assets.

Our independence is ensured by the fact that our group is fully owned by the management, therefore, we can keep our solutions in our own hands.

As an active member of the European innovation ecosystem, we run several projects year after year. Our partners include leading US and Chinese fintech companies such as China UnionPay. We have an extensive research and development co-operation with three leading Hungarian universities (SOTE, BME, ELTE, PTE), and within our internship program we provide professional opportunities for Hungarian and international students every year.